About Us


Business Essence. D.G is a technical and engineering knowledge, knowhow transfer and assimilation company


The company is also active in the fields of electrical wiring engineering, maintainance supportability/ILS and production documentation



Entity and Time On Earth. D.G. Engineering is a privately owned company, established in 1990



Offerings. D.G. Engineering offers and provides the following services and solutions:


             ~  End-To-End Technical Communication Services an Solutions:

^  Technical Writing   

^  Authoring, maintenance and editing of technical, training,

    process and regulatory documentation in all the

    technological fields and disciplines 

                    ^  Technical content development, including visual 3D

                         interactive and dynamic type content

                    ^  Instructional Design, E-Learning an training materials (courseware)

                        development, and  technical  training delivery

                    ^  Technical translation

                    ^   Illustrated parts catlouges (IPCs and IPBs) development and preparation

                    ^   Electronic documentation generation and delivery              

                         solutions and software appolications

                    ^   Conversion of paper based documentation to

                          electronic media


             ~   Engineering Services, Solutions and Documentation

                    ^   Electrical wiring and cabling engineering, design and

                         configuration control

                   ^   Maintenance Supportability Engineering/ILS - Equipment Maintenance

                   ^   Maintenance Engineering Analysis (MEA) reports preparation, and maintenance support, management and control services using self developed related as well as third party software applications






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Knowledge Matter   ###   Knowledge Is Power (Francis Bacon)