Special Expertise



D.G Engineering is an expert and excels in authoring documentation for the commercial and defense aerospace sectors (industries and organizations):


Original authoring of operation, service, maintenance, logistic support and training documentation arrays of all types of air-vehicles and airborne systems/equipment. Also, original authoring of documentation for the service and maintenance of space based and related ground support equipment and missile systems, including support equipment (GSE, TE etc)


Maintenance (update/rewrite) of legacy and non legacy  aerospace equipment technical and training documentation arrays throughout equipment service life


Vast experience in authoring and maintaining Unmanned Air- Vehicles/systems (UAV/S) technical and training documentation


Vast experience in authoring and maintaining air-vehicles equipment documentation for all maintenance levels: O, I and D (military) and MRO (commercial)


Authoring documentation complying to aerospace industry standards and specification, military and commercial, such as: ATA iSpec 2200/100 (Legacy), GAMA, MIL-STD-38784, MIL-PRF-83495, MIL-PRF- 38807, ASD S1000D


Authoring of aviation equipment maintenance administrative and regulatory documentation


Large Scale, Complex and Long Range Documentation Projects

D.G Engineering is an expert and excels in performing large scale, long range and complex technical and training documentation projects for multi-disciplinary equipment in technological fields other than aerospace such as: ATA communication, telephony, electro-optics, RF, electronic test equipment, semi-conductors manufacturing, ground mass transportation vehicles, medical devices, water/fluids purification and filtering, advanced agriculture machinery and more


Process, production, assembly and Maintenance lines Documentation

D.G Engineering is an expert and excels in authoring documentation that supports process, production, assembly and maintenance lines (i.e., lines work instructions and specifications)