Technical Documentation Authoring and Instructional Design Services and Solutions 


Software and hardware use/operator guides and manuals according to industry sectors/verticals known style guides and/or standards, or customized per customer unique requirements and/or specification


Equipment service bull tines and manuals requirements and/or specification


Maintenance manuals for all levels according to industry sectors/verticals known/used specifications/standards, or customized per customer unique requirements and/or specification


Site preparation and installation guides


Job Guides. Work Orders/Cards  and Checklists


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Wiring Diagrams (WD), installation and routing manuals and guides


Pipes/hoses installation and routing manuals and guides


Technical illustration services


Development and generation of equipment and systems functional and schematic diagrams (static and dynamic) at any level of detail and simplification according to customer requirements/specification


Equipment and systems (mechanical, electrical/electronic and electro-mechanical) operation and work animations and simulations


Development and generation of Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs),including interactive electronic catalogues


Development of electronic technical documentation ,ETM/ITEM/IETP, at different levels of presentation, navigation and interactivity


Development of training materials, documentations and courseware/e-learning in technological field


On shore (on site) or off shore (off site )technical soft and hard skills training delivery


Legacy and non legacy documentation conversion from paper to electronic format or from one type of electronic format to another one


Customer customized technical communication/writing courses delivery


Customers technical and training/instructional documentation and materials needs and requirements evaluation, and consulting services


Customers technical and training documentation/materials audit services


Development of customized documentation Configuration Control (CC) applications based on MS Access


Engineering Support Documentation Authoring, and Design Services


Equipment process, production, assembly and maintenance lines work instructions arrays authoring, and generation, including electronic interactive type arrays


Equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul work specifications (work performance support documentation) authoring and generation


Engineering development support documentation authoring (e.g., technical description chapters of design review s and RFIs/RFQs, statement-of-work documents etc.)


Generation of equipment Maintenance Engineering Analysis (MEA) reports


Authoring and generation of guides for equipment wiring bundles/harnesses and pipes/hoses installation and routing at production and assembly lines


Electrical wiring design, including, generation of wiring connection reports


Development of customized electrical wiring installation Configuration Control (CC) applications based on MS Access